The Story

Starting with her family, CeCe began to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, study holistic health and develop different formulas to replace her synthetic products with natural alternatives. As she continued her journey into holistic wellness she learned the importance of healing from the inside out. It wasn’t long before she applied this knowledge to her platform and after seeing the many benefits of her creations she founded Black Organics. CeCe became a herbal formulator and lead her business to the next level providing an array of herbal remedies for common health issues. She has helped clients with issues ranging from anxiety and depression to high blood pressure and fibroids. Continuing to expand her knowledge in indigenous herbs and energy healing CeCe became a certified womb practitioner and reiki master. Today CeCe Organics--formerly known as Black Organics--serves people by providing a variety of wellness products and services, as well as encouraging overall healthy, conscious living.