V'tox Pearls

  • V'tox Pearls

V'tox Pearls - 3 Pearls per order
V'tox Pearls for vaginal detoxing and cleaning. Effective for women with irregular menses, odor, abnormal leucorrhea, blocked Fallopian tubes, vaginal discharge, endometriosis, fibroid, PCOs, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory, yeast infection, vaginitis, and other gynecological diseases.
- Cleanses and nourishes vagina
- Tightening vagina
- Aid vaginal itching and odor
- Promote Anti-inflammatory and Antipruritic
Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not use while on menstrual cycle, wait at least 4 days after cycle. Do not use during intercourse. Do not detox with pearls more than 1 -2 times a month. Each pearl should only be used once.
For external use only. Do not eat, to be vaginally inserted. 
INSTRUCTIONS COMES WITH PEARLS - Insert 1 pearl if a first time user of pearls. 
Ingredients: motherwart, angelica, mint, frankincense, sandalwood, peach, myrrh, sanguis